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Established in 1997, Rent-A-Nerd® provides friendly and reliable computer and technology professionals to our corporate and educational clients in British Columbia.


We come to you and work on site

Our role is based on what you require

We provide 24x7 support & monitoring

Our nerds are friendly & speak non-nerd

We find practical solutions to our clients' technology problems and work with them to achieve their goals. Tell us how we can help you!


Back in the early 1990’s I arrived at a client site and someone exclaimed, “We’re saved! The Rent-A-Nerd is here!”

Although a joke at the time, the name stuck. When I started to grow my ‘one man show’ into a business, I decided to use the name. “Rent-A-Nerd®” has always embodied what we stand for: A positive, light hearted group of, well, nerds!

Throughout the 1990’s and into the 2000’s Rent-A-Nerd® grew fast. At one point we had almost two thousand customers in Metro Vancouver. As much as we loved what we were doing, it was starting to become clear that we needed to change things – servicing such a broad range of customers meant we were good at many things but great at few.

In 2005 we focused the company on small to medium organizations and we severely limited our customer base so that we could provide the best possible support to our clients. Even today we interview prospective clients as much (sometimes more) than they interview us. Regardless of how profitable taking on a potential client could be, if we don’t believe we can provide the best possible service to them, we will refer them to another service company.

Our current client base includes educational facilities, mining companies and a mixture of professional companies. We provide the majority of our service in Metro Vancouver but travel where our clients need us – including in the last few years to Northern BC, Alberta, Mexico, Peru & Argentina.

One of the other ways I think we’re different than many of our competitors (other than having friendly, professional & funny nerds) is that we do the majority of our work onsite, with our clients. Yes, we can and do work remotely – especially in emergencies or to remote areas – but we prefer to be there, in our client’s office. By being there in person we can build a relationship better and learn about our client’s needs more than simply being a random voice on the telephone.

If you’re interested in how we can help you, we’d love to meet with you. Give us a call or send us an email.

At Rent-A-Nerd®, we’re here to help.

Michael Romaniuk
Founding Nerd


Katie Bruce Mike Romaniuk Rob Kuszak Richard Tang Roy Yeo

Ray Raggett

With over 20 years in customer service, I have come to realize that the average consumer will see two levels of truly acceptable service:

“it was great for the price paid”
“it was more than ever anticipated”.

At Rent-A-Nerd, I’ve always strived to exceed what is anticipated and look for the areas that are going beyond the expected. My goal is to provide the best service imaginable and then go beyond it.

At Rent-A-Nerd®, we’re here to help.


  • Apple Certified Associate - Mac Integration 10.9
  • Apple Certified Associate - Mac Management 10.9
  • CompTia A+ Certified Technician
  • CompTia Network+ Certified Technician
  • Microsoft Certified Professional
  • Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator (2003)
  • First Aid (OFA Level 1), WHMIS


For those who know me, they know I dedicate a lot of my life to various work projects and tasks. A side from that, I really do try to do a lot of varied and exciting things. From parachuting, paragliding, glider flying, bungee jumping, ziplining, white water rafting to petting tigers - I aim to always look for new and exciting things to try at least once! Sometimes this get to integrate nicely with travelling, something I thoroughly enjoy doing, having had the opportunity to be in Japan, Thailand, Cuba, Mexico, Spain, England, Gibraltar, Morocco and the United States in the last five years.

This upcoming year has a series of North American trips and hopefully a lot of fun new and exciting adventures!

Locally, I try to keep as active as I can, hiking, running, biking (including the Ride To Conquer Cancer a few years ago) and exploring our beautiful province.

Katie Bruce

I’ve come to learn that the first step in helping every client is to listen carefully to their exact problems and needs.

I truly love the challenge of troubleshooting, isolating and correcting problems

– both simple and complicated –
for our clients. Whether it be as easy as a couple keystrokes or as hard as to require hours of time, my end goal is to make you happy.

At Rent-A-Nerd®, we’re here to help.


  • Apple AppleCare Certified Technician
  • Bachelor of Applied Science in Chemical and Biological Engineering
  • Bachelor of Science in Honours Biochemistry
  • Microsoft Certified Professional
  • Microsoft Certified IT Professional (2008)
  • First Aid (OFA Level 1), WHMIS


When I am not a Nerd, my favorite place to be is outside. I enjoy skiing, hiking, snowshoeing in the mountains, camping, cycling and kayaking. Some of my favorite recent hikes have included the West Coast Trail (BC), the North Coast Trail (BC) and 12 days of trekking around Machu Picchu. I also love to travel and have spent time in South East Asia, Australia, North America, Europe, England, Iceland and Peru.

Some other things people don't know about me is that I enjoy being artsy and crafty. For example, I recently learned how to make my own soap and how to knit. I also like making and decorating cakes and have even made a couple of tiered wedding cakes.

Mike Romaniuk

I started providing computer services twenty years ago, something that grew to become Rent-A-Nerd Computer Services. Although every client I work with is special, I've learnt that their needs aren't unique:

They want a friendly, professional team that gets the job done.

The nerds we have at Rent-A-Nerd are incredible. If I'm not a specialist with a certain technology or problem, chances are the one of the other nerds are. If none of us can help directly, we'll find someone else who can while ensuring everything is completed to our standards & our client's needs.

At Rent-A-Nerd®, we’re here to help.


  • Apple Certified Help Desk Specialist
  • Apple AppleCare Certified Technician
  • BC Safety Authority Field Safety Representative (Low Energy)
  • CompTia A+ Certified Technician
  • CompTia Network+ Certified Technician
  • CompTia Security+ Certified Technician
  • CompTia Project+ Certified Technician
  • Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (2000 & 2003)
  • Microsoft Certified IT Professional - Enterprise Administrator (2008)
  • Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert - Server Infrastructure (2012)
  • First Aid (OFA Level 1), WHMIS, Fall Arrest, Confined Space and TDG


When I’m not helping our clients, you’ll likely find me out doing a swim, bike or run. In the last few years I’ve competed in Ironman Canada, Ironman Arizona, Challenge Penticton, Ultraman Canada and countless other events.

I also enjoy travelling. In recent years I’ve relaxed in Maui, raced in Florida & San Francisco, hiked in Peru and explored Iceland.

Going to Iceland was a very special trip for me. Halfway through the trip, I did a side trip to the Island of Grimsy off of the north coast of Iceland. While there, at the marker for the Arctic Circle, I got engaged. I’m looking forward to the possibilities & future events that will come from that!

Rob Kuszak

Coming from an extensive background in customer service, I’ve come to realize how much I enjoy helping and interacting with others. I believe a way to make any situation better is to ensure every request, no matter how large or small, is

resolved on time and to our client’s needs.

Having worked with (and dissected) countless computer systems for over two decades, I truly love working with technology as well troubleshooting it and maintaining its proper operation.

At Rent-A-Nerd®, we’re here to help.


  • CompTia A+ Certified Technician
  • First Aid (OFA Level 1), WHMIS


I have an amazing wife and son at home but sometimes my downtime can at times be as busy as my work time! If I'm not going for a run on my day off, I'm probably running after my little guy at the park or soccer field. My days off from work usually mean fixing up things in our house and trips to the hardware store to create or fix things that don't have a keyboard or screen.

The fun and laughs provided by the simple things are definitely what keeps me smiling and energized throughout my work days. Trips away from the Lower Mainland are usually spent driving hours away to visit family near Princeton where you're more likely to see a bear then one bar of cell phone service. I find being able to disconnect for a weekend in the middle of nowhere gives you a different and refreshed perspective when you return to the metropolitan jungle.

With a recently refreshed desire to become more active and healthy, I hope to ensure I will always be able to outlast the ball of energy that is my son. Having completed a number of 10km runs and participating in my first Half Marathon, I hope to take things to the hills and explore some awesome new terrain.

Richard Tang

My philosophy in life is

‘commit and be awesome’.

When helping customers I commit to bringing value and a positive experience.

My background is varied and ranges from helping a single user to being the architect behind a major IT projects. I bring that background to everything I do to help my clients.

At Rent-A-Nerd®, we’re here to help.


  • CompTIA A+
  • Meraki/Cisco Certified Meraki Networking Associate
  • Microsoft Certified Professional
  • Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (2000)
  • VMWare Certified Professional
  • Bachelor of Science (Biology)


When I am not being a nerd and helping clients I try to spend time outdoors or with friends. Often I am found on local mountain bike trails trying to keep my teeth, on the road biking to keep fit or enjoying hikes around Vancouver.

While I am not a racer, I do enjoy challenges. Every year I endeavor to do something crazy, like Tough Mudder. It is the same grit and determination that I use to solve problems that I use to climb those walls and to navigate those trails.

My goal in life is to enjoy both work and play, and so far everything is awesome :)

Roy Yeo

I have a background covering over 20 years providing IT support to higher education, federal and provincial government, publishing, small business, light manufacturing, communications, insurance and the transportation sectors.

During that time I’ve come to understand that

the best technical support is that which gets results

with the least amount of fuss. My job isn't just to fix things, it is to keep our clients happy.

At Rent-A-Nerd®, we’re here to help.


  • Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (2000)
  • Fire Safety Certificate
  • Bachelor of Arts (Political Science with minors in Biology and Computer Science)


Hiking, swimming and skating are some of the things I enjoy doing. But my true loves are music, history, world cuisines, science and technology. How different world historical events affect one another is one of my abiding interests. My deep love of computer technology propelled me into my career.

I’ve been lucky enough to have had a chance to travel to some of the great historical places in the world, and I’m planning on doing a lot more. Though even travelling doesn’t stop me from continuing to carry out work for my clients. In one instance, I was visiting Uluru (Ayer’s Rock) in the Australian Outback, and continued to carry out both routine and emergency maintenance of my clients’ servers.

And yes, I like piña coladas, getting caught in the rain. I’m not into yoga. I’m not into health food, but I am into champagne. ;-)

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